Dance Plus Pride is our performing and competition team. These dancers have outstanding technique, performance, dedication, and positive attitudes. Our elaborate training, technique, and award winning choreography allows our dancers to live up to their full potential. In addition we are always proud to accept studio SPIRIT and SPORTSMANSHIP awards at every competition we attend!


 This group is for more dedicated dancers who enjoy dancing, performing, and improvement. Dancers interested in competing with Dance Plus Pride must audition to be accepted to the team, and fulfill all requirements. We accept dancers as young as 7 years old. Selection is based on age, academics, behavior, technique, and presentation.The team attends up to 2 competitions a year, community performances, and studio productions. This experience allows the dancer the opportunity of belonging to a team and working towards a goal, all while having fun!


Ages: 5 - 7

Mini-pride members will be invited per teacher recommendation to the team.

MP members will be required to take 1 recreational combo (technique) class, 1 specialty class, and their rehearsal.

MP members will compete 1 dance as a group and 1 production/line dance.


Traveling Pride

Ages: 8 - 19

This team requires a higher level of commitment and financial responsibility, as dancers will be attending additional weekly rehearsals, community performances, and approximately 3 additional competitions/conventions, in addition to the Pride team obligations.  Dancers are selected from an additional audition, interview, and instructor recommendations. To be eligible, dancers must have a positive attitude, good behavior, strong work ethic and discipline, leadership qualities, good attendance, and a love for dance!

Suggested Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my child ready for DP Pride?

A: Have you checked the Suggested requirements? Please read the list of requirements. Quiz your dancer on the requirements, if they know and/or able to properly execute the requirements, then they may be ready. Please remember that selection is not just based on one but many different criteria. We invite all to experience the auditioning process.


Q: How old do you have to be to audition?

A: You must be 7 to audition.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: Once you have auditioned and made the team, yes there is a contract that both dancer and parent should read over.


Q: What can I expect when joining the team?

A: - You can expect to see improvement from your dancer in technique and performance.
- Award Banquet (at the end of every dance year)
- Community performances Weekend rehearsals and other rehearsals as needed
- Opportunities to participate in workshops
- Additional cost (costumes and competition fees)
- Required apparel (warm up and dance bag)
- The unexpected (schedule changes and things we can not control)


Q: What is the time commitment?

A: In addition to the DP Pride scheduled class time the dancers are required to take their assigned technical classes and 1 specialty class. Yes, this means your time spent at the studio will increase. In addition you are required to attend additional rehearsals, performances, and competitions.

Q: What type of fiancial commitment does this entail?

A: Pride will compete in at least 2 REGIONAL COMPETITIONS (February - May) per year and 1 possible NATIONALS; Attendance and fees(approx. $50/dance) are mandatory if chosen to perform. Other Financial Commitment:

  • (New members only) Pride Group “Spirit Pack” in which will include a warm up and bag that must be worn to all performances  - $150 - $175

  • Boot Camp Fee (includes “Spirit Wear”) - $110…(this is tentative due to COVID requirements)

  • Monthly Rehearsal Fee(Oct - May) - $5 per group dance – Family Rate - $20


Q: Once my child is a DP Pride member are they always a member?

A: Auditions are held every year. Each dancer with the desire to compete is required to audition regardless of past competition experience.

Q: Can I be a DP Pride member & be in other activities?

A: Yes, we encourage academic excellence as well as other involvements that contribute to the development of a multi-talented, well- rounded individual. We are very proud of those who are able to continue their dance education in addition to being involved in other activities.

Q: What does DP Pride expect from BOTH dancer and parent?

A: All group members and their parents are expected to represent Dance Plus as a team in a positive manner. You are to show respect for your teammates as well as your competitors. All members are expected to attend all parts of competitions and performances to support the entire group.


Bottom line is being in the group requires commitment, a lot of time, and additional monies. If you and your child have difficulty operating at a hastened pace, you might rethink your involvement with this group. We encourage you to talk to more than one source to obtain thorough understanding of what being apart of this group involves.

Any additional questions you would like added to the list please send them to info@danceplus.org 

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